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Since March of 2006 we've open our doors to then Atlanta, and is now considered Chamblee Dunwoody.  For over 17 years we've been serving this community, and we love it!

The location for us is Prime, real close to the Perimeter Mall, just right off the I-85.  The Apartment Complex, Condos, Town Homes, and single families home around us is just overwhelming.  The best part is, Chamblee is still growing.  Non-stop constructions and improvements for the past year.  More Condos and Town Homes being build in our area just verifies how up and coming our location is.  With that being said, the amount of diverse customer in our area itself is also overwhelming.   The good news is our restaurant is able to cater to all, as we make our dishes per order.  Pick your entree , pick your protein, and pick your spice level.  Throughout the Decade we've customize our service to our customers needs.

In short, for as long as we've been here we've made so many happy customers, and in turn we are happy that our customers are happy.  If you are our regular customers, I just want to say "Thank you so much for your patronage, if you are possibly looking for some good Thai Cuisine, give us a try." 

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